Postcards from a poisoned coast: Vietnam’s people-smuggling heartland

Opportunities for local employment have been hampered by environmental disaster.

Sandwiched between thin sandy beaches and herds of buffalo wallowing in rice paddies, the smoking chimneys of the Formosa Steel plant dominate this small corner of Ha Tinh province.

The steel mill, owned by Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics, was blamed by Hanoi in 2016 for causing one of Vietnam’s worst environmental disasters when a chemical leak poisoned coastal waters, unleashing widespread protests and damaging livelihoods.

Press release: Taipei District Court Dismissed the Case against FPG for lack of Jurisdiction,  Vietnamese Plaintiffs File the Appeal to Challenge on Jurisdictional Grounds

The lawsuit against Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) for the marine disaster in Vietnam was ruled by the Taipei District Court as not falling within its jurisdiction (after the plaintiffs paid 1.2 million NTD court fee). The plaintiffs decide to file an appeal to the Taipei District Court on Oct 24, and their lawyers will request…